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7 Advantages of Using Wire-cut Building Bricks and Blocks

Wire-cut bricks are obtained by cutting a section of clay with wires before them being textured or not. Due to their automated production method, these bricks are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes and are relatively affordable. For those with a lesser budget, all sorts of constructions frequently employ these bricks.

The benefits of using wire-cut bricks are as follows:

1. Economical

The use of wire-cut bricks is economical because the cost of their manufacture is low, and they can be made in various shapes and sizes. They are also easy to transport, which makes them ideal for building houses in remote areas.

The wire-cut bricks cost is low because they require any special machinery when they are being made, which allows high volume in the same time period. It can also make them in various shapes and sizes to be used in many construction projects.

It makes them an ideal choice for building homes in remote areas where there may not be any extensive manufacturing facilities nearby.

2. Hard and durable

Wire-cut bricks are one of the most durable types of brick. They have a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, comparable to granite. They are also easy to work with; they can be cut with any type of high speed cutter. 

3. Reusable and Recyclable

Wire-cut bricks are an excellent option for any business looking for an attractive, durable, and affordable building material.

Bricks cut with a wire saw can be recycled and reused. It implies that you may use them again and ultimately save money. By breaking the old bricks into smaller pieces, you can use them as filler or backfill when replacing your building’s exterior walls.

4. Less time consuming

The wire-cut brick is an excellent option for constructing your home, building or a wire-cut brick wall because it is less time-consuming and easy to use. In addition, because the method is straightforward, you will not have to be concerned about wasting a lot of time on wire-cut bricks.

5. Fire resistance and Less environmental pollution

Fire resistance is one of the significant advantages of wire-cut bricks, as it helps prevent fire spread. Therefore, it can be beneficial in areas where fires are typical. Another advantage is that they cause little pollution.

6. Different orientations/sizes give different surface textures.

Wire-cut bricks are the way to go when creating surface textures. Their different sizes and orientations give them a variety of textures that can make a wide range of different looks.

The different orientations and sizes of the bricks give them different surface textures, making them look more like real clay bricks than plastic ones. It is essential for those who want to build their house in an authentic style.

They also have various patterns, meaning you can use them to create any design or texture you want with minimal effort.

7. Low maintenance cost

Wire-cut bricks are an excellent choice for any brick project, especially considering nonexistent maintenance costs. They require no maintenance than other bricks because they are less porous and resistant to weathering. They also endure well over time since they lack sharp edges that may deteriorate.

Due to the extrusion method, and the fact that the clay mass as it exits the extruder is zero of air, creates a very strong and non-porous product , that against other type of bricks or cement line counterparts has limited water absorption. It is estimated that wire cut extruded bricks of good quality have a water absorption of less than 11 % , while its counterparts can reach to 40%.

Circumstances that require more strength might use wire bricks as the ideal exposed brick layer to look at a brick structure but a core made of something else.

We’ve learned that wire-cut brick is a robust and durable building material. It is beneficial for retaining walls and has many benefits over other bricks. Wire-cut bricks are easy to install, fireproof, and highly resistant to water damage.

7 Advantages of Using Wire-cut  Building Brick and Blocks 

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