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EcoTherm ( HP and VP )

EcoTherm also known as Eco Clay Blocks or Eco Blocks are clay-based bricks that help build both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. At Prayag Clay Products (PCP), we carefully manufacture EcoTherm using sustainable materials that are earth-friendly and climate-resistant. 

With a burgeoning construction industry across the world, there is a need for sustainable construction practices not only to meet various compliance requirements but also to ensure green-friendly protocols. Our sustainably manufactured EcoTherm provide the basis for edifices that maintain ambient temperature, minimize maintenance costs, and reduce repair work. 

Even more concerning is that many people are ignorant of the many types of bricks offered on the market, much alone the benefits and drawbacks of each. Bricks come in various varieties and a wrong choice is a wrong choice for the lifetime of the building

After a structure is built, the walling cannot be modified, so choosing the right type of brick from the wide variety available on the market is crucial, for both the static of the building as well as the thermal resistance of the building as a whole. In other words, a mistake in building material is a mistake to be carried on for the rest of the building existence. 

Prayag Clay Products’ Eco Therm are the first of their kind to be manufactured in North India — helping build sturdy, sustainable, and long-lasting structures globally. Our bricks are a testament to the growing awareness among consumers regarding building with eco-friendly materials. 

Made from Sustainably-sourced Premium Quality Clay

PCP’s Eco Therm are manufactured with the highest quality clay sourced from different locations in the Indian subcontinent. They are manufactured under strict protocols that adhere to international eco-friendly norms. 

Our clay bricks are horizontally or vertically perforated and come in multiple sizes. They provide excellent thermal insulation and reduce the need for using air conditioners and heaters to maintain comfortable ambient temperatures. 

Advantages of EcoTherm

  • Strong and durable – Our Eco Therm are manufactured under stringent conditions while exposed to high temperatures, resulting in strong and durable bricks. 
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly – Perforations within the brick allow for thermal insulation, reducing dependence on air conditioning and heating systems. This directly results in reduced energy consumption and minimal carbon emissions. 
  • Reduced maintenance needs – As buildings age, they often develop cracks and other signs of aging. Thanks to a water-absorption metric of less than 11  per cent, our EcoTherm last for a long time without showing signs of deterioration. 
  • Affordable and economical – EcoTherm minimize the need for sand and cement during construction by as much as 70 % , reducing building expenses. In the long term, it also helps you save by eliminating maintenance and repair-related expenditure.
  • Complete projects quickly – PCP’s EcoTherm are easy to pick and drop and are designed for automated loading and transporting. They are also easy to handle and help complete projects quickly by eliminating the need to cure cement and sand. 

A Solution for All Kinds of Walls

EcoTherm are carefully manufactured using the most premium quality clay available in North India. They are suitable for both load-bearing and load-filling walls. 

Load-bearing walls support the weight of upper floors and roofs above them, rendering them very important for the entire edifice. These walls transfer the building’s force to the structure’s foundation so that it remains standing. Loading-bearing walls are built using special bricks such as PCP’s interlocking vertical perforated EcoTherm . Our Vertical Perforated series are manufactured to bear weight and have high compressive strength. 

Load-filling walls, also known as non load-bearing walls, divide living compartments or add privacy. They do not bear the weight of the roofs or the upper structures. PCP’s horizontally perforated clay bricks (Eco Therm) are perfect for constructing these walls. They are fire-resistant, energy-efficient and durable, ensuring your interiors and exteriors look aesthetic. 

We offer two types of durable EcoTherm: Interlocking Vertical Perforated Clay Blocks and Horizontal Perforated Clay Blocks.

Benefits of Interlocking Vertical Perforated Clay Blocks

  • They require less mortar and plaster and save close to 62% and 70% on mortar and plaster costs, respectively.
  • Reduce the weight of walls by 60%.
  • Reduce labour costs by 30% thanks to ease of use and being amenable to automated picking and shipping.
  • Extraordinary compressive strength ensures perfect suitability for load-bearing walls.
  • Can work as Facing brick as it doesn’t require plaster 

Benefits of Horizontal Perforated Clay Blocks

  • Add aesthetic value to your dividing walls
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Durable and fire-resistant
  • Safe, fire-resistant, and energy efficient
  • Can work as Facing brick as it doesn’t require plaster

Applications of EcoTherm

EcoTherm can be used for a diverse range of real-estate and infrastructural projects. 

Residential Projects -Real estate is booming worldwide, focusing on aesthetic value, eco-friendly materials, and cost-effectiveness. PCP’s EcoTherm are perfectly suited for luxury and price-conscious markets.

Commercial Projects – Commercial construction has grown after the pandemic, and there is an increasing demand for office and retail spaces. Most importantly, there’s a trend towards rural-to-urban migration across the globe, necessitating the construction of various commercial structures. PCP’s Eco Therm ensure durability, fire resistance, and reduction in costs related to maintenance and repairs.

Infrastructural Projects – With a demographic shift taking place in most societies, there is a demand for different infrastructural projects. Eco Therm lend themselves well to large infrastructural development and meet compliance standards set by multiple utility companies, governmental authorities, and developers. These bricks can be produced on a large scale, helping complete infrastructural projects in record time. 

EcoTherm vs. Conventional Construction Methods

A comparison of Eco Blocks and traditional building materials

Environmental impact analysis

  • PCP’s EcoTherm are green, sustainable, and eco-friendly. They are manufactured using sustainably sourced high-quality clay that is quickly replenished. 
  • Most importantly, we care for our staff and practice sustainable manufacturing practices. This directly results in reduced soil, water, and air pollution and higher employee satisfaction metrics.
  • Using PCP’s Eco Therm continues the chain of environmental responsibility, resulting in a cascading effect of sustainable construction.

Cost-effectiveness and long-term savings

  • Save 62% on mortar
  • Reduce plaster costs by 70%
  • Witness a 30% reduction in labour costs
  • Reduce time to complete construction by 50%
  • A 60% reduction in the weight of walling ensures indirect savings
  • Minimized use of cement and steel helps save expenses too
  • Reduced usage of air conditioners and heaters leads to smaller energy bills
  • Can be used as facing bricks or exposed bricks due to their insignificant water absorption values. 

Successful Eco Block Projects:

Eco Therm Help You Herald a Sustainable Future

When you choose PCP’s Eco Therm , you invest not only in the quality of the project but also in the overall health of the environment. Our Interlocking Vertical Perforated Clay Blocks and Horizontal Perforated Clay Blocks are suitable for both load-bearing and load-filling walls. They help reduce energy bills, provide thermal insulation, and keep maintenance and repair costs bare minimum. 

In addition, Eco Therm add aesthetic and design value to residential and commercial projects while reducing the completion time of infrastructural projects. Contact us today to learn more about how our Eco Therm can help materialize your architectural vision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Clay is a healthy and breathable construction material, which we sustainably source from different parts of India. 

We follow stringent quality control and ensure that eco-friendly protocols are followed carefully at every stage of manufacturing and distribution. 

We take utmost care to prevent soil, water, and air pollution. We also ensure the health and safety of our workers and conform to ethical standards.

Yes. All our products adhere to the stringent norms and requirements of various authorities in the UK, the European Union, Australia, Middle Eastern countries, India, etc. 

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