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Our Footprints

Our Footprints

Prayag Clay Products Limited

Cleverly engineered and versatile construction bricks available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, types and textures. Our bricks can transform the look and feel of both your interior and exterior walls. Prayag Clay Products are designed to bring about a beautiful, positive change in the structures you build for life.

Prayag enterprises (now known as pcp established in varanasi, U.P., India).

Production at prayag Clay Products

Production begins at the first unit of Varanasi

Prayag Clay Products

First unit expanded to double its original capacity

PCP Expansion

Second unit constructed at another site in Varanasi

PCP Second Unit

Changed the firing technique & practice in all three units from the traditional way to the zig-zag firing system, one of the most efficient techniques in the history of brickmaking

Zig Zag Firing System

Partially mechanised unit i by introducing the latest extrusion technology of the time. It is still one of its kind in the state

Partially Mechanised Unit

Upgraded unit iii to make it the most technologically advanced of the time. Using automation & computer control to improve the way bricks are crafted, it makes PCP the largest clay products manufacturer in U.P.


Upgraded brick quality as per international standards

Brick Quality

Started export of bricks and brick slips to U.K., Europe & Middle East as per their quality standards.


New state-of-the-art extrusion line (Fully mechanised) with artificial drying process.


Introduction of a revolutionary product in the construction industry clay hollow block for the first time in Uttar Pradesh. Expansion of export market in Australia and New Zealand. PCP became the first ever Indian company to receive state excellence export award.

Hollow Bricks Prodcution

PUBLIC LIMITED & BLOCKS - Transitioned to a public company for a global expansion. Introduced the revolutionary interlocking clay block.


URBAN BRICKMAKERS - Launched a new joint venture company in Malaysia named Urban Brickmakers.

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