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COO’S Desk

COO’S Desk

Prayag Clay Products started in 1937, and made a name based on Quality and Quality Alone. It took many turns and twists over the years growing to a company that can offer to the customer, an excellent range of products all made of Clay and a choice of blends that now exceed the number of 40. The Company is growing, and introducing new products to its customers worldwide that differ from the mainstream line and suggest to the Architect, the Civil Engineer and the Interior Decorator avenues of excellence in their Projects. The correct selection of Bricks for each and every project, and the selection of the proper brick to the proper task is highly important, since if the wrong selection is done, it is something that cannot be changed in the future.

The Brick selection is vital for the

  • The long-maintenance free life of the Project.
  •  Best thermal insulation properties, which are highly important to energy savings of the end user. 

This allows the Project creator to revisit the Project repeatedly and present it to his/hers new project customers with pride.

Our long vision is to

  • Ensure both company expands its global footprints and new products development
  • Maintaining the strict quality standards that have proven us the leaders in our field in India and a reliable partner to our customers abroad.
Petros Avgoustidis

Chief Operating Officer - PRAYAG CLAY PRODUCTS PVT. LTD.

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