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Company Profile

Company Profile

As India’s premier brick making company, Prayag Clay Products Ltd. has been doing superlative brick work since 1937. Having spent over 80 years manufacturing world-class bricks, we have been at the forefront of this vast country’s architectural and design evolution. Be it infrastructural projects, schools and universities or magnificent structures seeped in history, our bricks have formed the strong foundation for elegant, resilient structures across the length and breadth of India. As if that was not enough, we have now established a strong footprint in the international market as well.

Prayag Clay Products Production Center

Our state-of-the-art facility in Varanasi, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, is the leading supplier of a vast range of exquisite, impeccably designed bricks. From handmade and wire-cut bricks to soft mud moulded, extruded and pressed bricks, PCPPL is the name that clients trust to deliver the finest bricks in the business. Our skillful brickmakers have absolute mastery over all the regional variations that this diverse country has to offer, making them proficient at designing bricks that perfectly match local styles – in imperial as well as metric sizes. Adept at customizing, they expertly use time-tested traditional methods to create bricks that are just the right shade and texture for any given project. Whether it’s a swanky new construction, restoration and conservation of a historic property or a renovation project, our attention to detail will ensure that our bricks always meet your needs and expectations.

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Quality is important to us.

 Each of our projects is given special, personalised attention. Our prestigious and loyal clientele will vouch for the high quality of our service and the excellent finish, strength and durability of our products. They are low on maintenance but very high on aesthetics. In fact, our sand faced bricks and perforated bricks are so eye-catching that you will hate to coat them with plaster or paint. Instead, you may want to showcase them in all their organic gory by erecting a striking column or a stunning wall on your property.

PCPPL’s clay products are as sought after as its bricks. Our wide variety of clay tiles is available in a selection of beautiful colors, textures and styles and perfect for roofing and cladding. Our hollow blocks, pavers and special bricks are known for their formidable strength and endurance.

Prayag Clay Products Production Center
Prayag Clay Products Production Center

Ultimate brick destination

With two highly efficient units in Varanasi, we are constantly innovating to provide you with quality products that keep pace with the latest technological advances and meet the highest international standards. Our extraordinary experiments with colours, styles and textures will leave you spoilt for choice. Our extensive knowledge of the market. backed with several decades of experience, gives us a firm edge over our competitors. And makes us your ultimate brick destination

Company Profile | Prayag Clay Products

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